About Hapiru Inc

Hapiru’s mission comes from the name itself—the Hebrew word for dust man. As God created man from the dust on the ground, we too strive to make our clothes from organically sourced and naturally grown or recycled materials. Each garment is made to fit every woman in her natural body so they can be worn with the utmost ease, comfort, and utility.

We oversee the making of our product from start to finish. From the purchasing of the softest fabric, to the eco-friendly garment dye process, to the sewing done in our factory in downtown Los Angeles, we always offer you the highest quality possible. Our unique designs are made to embrace you the way you were made, so that even on your worst days, you can step out the door with the confidence that only comes from wearing what you love. We’ll bring you back to the basics so you can rediscover yourself and redefine what it means to be happy in what you wear.

Our line has two distinct collections—Hapiru and Hapi by Hapiru. Hapiru uses luxe silks and unbelievably soft jerseys to complement the busy and beautiful lifestyle of the mature, confident woman. Hapi by Hapiru is its basics brainchild with a youthful, vibrant flair. Both collections aim to fulfill our ultimate goal—building the modern woman from inspiration and fabrics that are as natural and beautiful as she is.

Contact Information:

Hapiru Inc.

234 W. 24th Street
Los Angeles, CA. 90007
213-765-0044 (phone)
213-765-3344 (fax)